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BrightArrow Target is your mass notification solution for calling parents and staff to quickly deliver voice messages, SMS text, and e-mail messages. The flexible web interface delivers reliable and instant voice notification SMS texts and e-mail messages.


Target has been designed for schools, delivering an easy-to-use interface to load data from your Student Information System for quick notification to parents and staff of emergency and non-emergency conditions and reminders. It even includes remote functions to launch call bursts simply from a telephone keypad.


BrightArrow Target, and its companion Windows application Digital Voice Dialer, work together to provide a very fast, powerful, and flexible solution for parent, faculty, and staff notification. Advanced features such as automated daily attendance notification with student names and automated synchronization with the Student Information System database can be done with Digital Voice Dialer, which in turn sends the latest contact information to the Target Interface for easy usage by authorized personnel.




BrightArrow Target