Target Help

The Create Message interface allows you to add, edit, and preview the message defined for the list.  The message can be configured as Recorded Voice, Text-to-Speech, E-mail, and SMS Text.

Create Message

Item #1


Voice Call: Selecting this indicates that you are configuring a message that is used to play a message to the phone numbers of your contacts in the list.


Recorded Voice: A recorded voice message is a message created using your telephone and recording what you speak.  


Text-to-Speech: Instead of using the “Recorded Voice” option, you can type your message and have the computer synthesize the message.  


Multi-part Message: Allows you assemble the message in using different parts and include specific information such as names and dates.


E-mail: Selecting this allows you to type the message that you want to be delivered by e-mail.


SMS Text: Selecting this allows you to type the message that you want to be delivered to cell phones’ text messaging service.


Item #2


Item #2 is only used if you are creating a recorded voice message. 


System calls your phone


Phone number: Allows you to enter the phone number you want to record your message from.   For optimal recording quality, it is recommended to use a home phone or school phone rather than a cell phone.


Ext.: Allows you to enter an extension number if the phone number you will be using to record the message is answered by an Automated Attendant that prompts callers to enter extensions.  If you don’t have an extension or use an Automated Attendant, then don’t select this option.  Also don’t select this option if you are using a home or cell phone.


Record Message: Upon pressing this button, the system will call the phone number you have specified so you can record your message.  Upon answering the phone, you will be given directions on how to record and save your message. 


You dial into a toll-free number


Upon selecting this option, you will given directions to call into a toll-free number instead of having the system call your number.  By calling into the toll-free number, you can use any phone.


Item #3


Item #3 changes based upon if you select recorded voice or text-to-speech.  If you select recorded voice, the text box can be used like a notepad so that you can write out what you what to say before recording your message.


If you select text-to-speech, the text box provides a place for you to type the message that you want the computer to synthesize.  The text box is also used for e-mail and SMS text.


Advanced Options


Prior Messages: Prior message are stored by the server so you can select previously used messages rather than creating a new message of the same content.


Import Audio File: You can import a wave file instead of creating a new recording or using Text-to-Speech.  The file format must be PCM 8,000 kHz,   16 Bit, Mono. 


Play/Export Recording to Computer: You can export the current audio message to your local computer to  play through your computer speakers for review or to save for later use.


Preview: Clicking the preview button takes you to a page that allows you to hear the message you have configured by having the system call your telephone.


Save: Clicking this button will save your message and return you to the List Details page.


Cancel: Clicking this button will cancel your changes and return you to the previous page.