Step #1: Starting from the My Lists page, click the drop down arrow and select “Create a list” from the action menu.


You should now be on the List Details page.  Enter a name for your list such as “Test List” as the example shows below:

Step #2: Now, it’s time to create a new message.  Click the New Message button.  You are going to use Recorded Voice for your message.  Your screen should look like this:

Now enter your phone number in the phone number field.  If the phone number that you will be using has an Automated Attendant that requires callers to enter extensions, then also enter your extension.  In the example below, I entered my number and I’m not using the extension field.

I used the notepad in item 3 to jot down what I wanted to record.  You may want to do the same to prepare your message.  With your phone number entered, press the Record Message button and answer your phone when it rings (it may take a minute so please be patient).  Upon answering, follow the directions to record your test message. 

After you have recorded your message and hung up the phone, press the Save button.  You have just completed Step #2. 

Step #3: You should now be back on the List Details page.  Select “Add contact” from the drop down menu:


This takes you to the Edit Contact page.  Enter your name and enter your telephone number.  If the telephone number is answered by an Automated Attendant, then enter your cell phone number or some number that you can answer directly.  I have entered my name and number in the example below:

Click the OK button to save your information.  Upon clicking OK, you will return to the List Details page. 

You just finished all 3 steps.

Now start the list so that it will call your phone and play your message.  Click the Start Dialing Now button and prepare to answer your phone.  When you answer, just say, “Hello” like you normally do and listen to your message.

On this page, you will see the entire process, starting with defining a new list, creating a message, loading contacts to dial, and finally launching a dial.  Once you understand the process, you can then expand the concept to create other lists.