Target Help

Use the Import a contact list interface to upload the contact information for the people you want to send a message.  Importing a contact list is a quick way to add hundreds or even thousands of contacts to a list rather than adding them one by one.

Note: It is important that the format of the data in the file is consistent from row to row.  All phone numbers and names should be formatted the same, and in the same column, etc…  Show me a file example


File to Import: Allows you to type or browse to the location of your csv or text file that contains the contacts you want to upload.


Import File: Clicking this button uploads your file so you can preview the information to make sure the contact data is in the correct field.  For example, you would want to make sure the phone numbers are in the phone number field, contact names are in the name field, and the contact ID is in the ID field.  If the data is not in the correct field, you can adjust your field mappings using the drop-down choices.


Accept and Proceed: Once you have successfully uploaded your import file, click the “Accept and Proceed” button to save your import.  Once saved, you will be returned to the List Details page.


Clear list before import: With this option selected, all contacts previously saved will be removed and only the contacts from the most recent import will comprise the list.  If you want to keep the existing contacts and add new ones, then uncheck this option.


Cancel: Cancels all actions and returns you to the List Details page.