Target Help

From the List Details interface you can change the settings for a particular list, change who is in the list, change or preview the message defined for the list, review the settings, and even start the list.  Each list can be as large as your licensing allows but each page will only display up to 800 contacts.

List Details

List Name: Assigns a name to a list.  It is recommended that you use a different name for each of your lists.  You may want to include the date and time so you can quickly see when the list was first configured.  When adding a list or changing the list name, the “My Lists” page will be updated automatically.




New Message: The new message interface erases any previously created message and allows you to create a new message. 


Edit Prior Message: This is used to preview or adjust a message that was previously configured.


Import Contact: Used to upload the contact information for the people you want to send a message to.  Importing a contact list is a quick way to add hundreds or even thousands of contacts to a list rather than adding one by one.

Schedule/Settings: Allows you to set a start and end time for a list.  Also contains settings to control the number of redials, time between redials, and the speed of the list.  Options for remote dial-in configuration and text messaging can be accessed.

Back to My Lists: Will save current changes and return to the My Lists page.

Refresh Display: This button causes the page to reload.  Normally used to get the most recent status value for contact items while the list is running and sending out your message.

Send Message Now: Send Message Now begins the list to send out your message to the contacts in the list.  The list must be configured with a message and at least one contact before starting.

Drop down menu actions

Add contact: Allows you to add one contact at a time to the list.

Delete all disabled contacts: Permanently removes the contacts with a status of “Disabled” from the list.

Enable all contacts: Changes the status of all contacts to “Ready” to allow those contacts to receive the message.

Disable all contacts: Changes the status of all contacts to “Disabled” to prevent those contacts from receiving the message.