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The Multi-Part Message interface allows you to add, multiple parts to construct the message.  You can use any combination of recorded audio, text-to-speech, or replacement fields to build the message.

Multi-Part Message

The Current Message box shows the message construction.  The parts play in order from top down.  When adding parts, you add a placeholder and then configure that part of the message.


Recorded Audio: Much like the recorded audio from the Create Message page, this allows you to record the audio by having the system call your telephone.


Text-to-Speech: After adding a text-to-speech part, you then type what you want the computer to say.


Replacement Field: Replacement fields allow you to include special items such as contact names or the current date.  The contact names come from the first and last name fields from when you import or add contacts to the list.


Example of a Multi-Part Message


Let’s say that you wanted to create a message that alerts parents that their child (John Smith) was absent from school today (January 11th) and to contact the school.


The first part could be recorded audio or text-to-speech.  For this example it will show how to use the text-to-speech to say, “Hello, this is the high school calling to tell you that.”  Start by selecting the option for Text-to-Speech (TTS computer voice) from the top right box and click the Add Message Part button.


Type your message in the provided text box and press the Apply button.  For this example we have written, “Hello, this is the high school calling to tell you that”



The next part would be to include the full name of the student who was absent.  To do this, a replacement field will be used for the full name.  Click “Replacement Field (TTS)” and then the Full Name option.  Click the Add Message Part button to get the results below:


The third part of the message can be text-to-speech to say, “Was absent on.”  So select the Text-to-Speech (TTS computer voice) option, click the Add Message Part button, type “Was absent on.”, and click the Apply button.


The fourth part will be a replacement field to include today’s date, so select Replacement Field (TTS) and the today’s date option would be selected.  Click the Add Message Part button.


The final part will say, “Please contact the school as soon as possible to excuse this absence.”  Select Text-to-Speech (TTS computer voice), click the Add Message Part button, type your message, and press the Apply button.



Constructing the message in this fashion would result in a complete message saying something like, “Hello, this is the high school calling to tell you that John Smith was absent on January 11th. Please contact the school as soon as possible to excuse this absence.”


Note:  It is strongly recommended to Preview the message to verify the message construction plays correctly.  Sometimes when using Text-to-Speech, additional punctuation is necessary for a smooth sounding message.