Target Help

Drop down menu actions

Create a list: Selecting this action takes you to a new page so that you can add a new list and configure the list name, who is in the list, and the message that is to be transmitted.

List details: First select a list by clicking on the list name.  From the list details you can change the settings for the particular list, who is in the list, edit and preview the message defined for the list, start sending the message, or simply review the settings.

Create a message: First select a list by clicking on the list name and then click the Create Message button.  The create a message interface allows you to add, edit, and preview the message intended to be transmitted to the list.  If you want to use the same message for multiple list, then from the My Lists page, use the select checkboxes to select multiple lists and create a message that is used for the selected lists.

Import/Export contacts: First select a list using the checkboxes and then select Import a contact list to upload the contact information for the people you want to send a message to.  Importing a contact list is a quick way to add hundreds or even thousands of contacts to a list rather than adding one by one.

Send saved message now: First select a list using the checkboxes and then select Send saved message now to begin sending out your message to the contacts in the list.  Note: This action item can be used to start multiple lists if multiple lists are selected.  To prevent accidental starting of multiple lists and to start only one list, it is recommended to click on the list name and use the Send Message Now button from the List Details page.

Stop message now: First select a list in the dialing state using the checkboxes and then select Stop dialing now to stop sending out your message.

Copy a list: Copies a select list. See Copy List for more details.

Create a subset list: Uses filters from a master list to create partial lists based upon criteria such as building code, grade, etc…  See Create Subset for more details.

Create a superset list: Allows you to combine several lists into one large list.  See Create Superset for more details.

Reset a list: Used to return the status of a list to an idle state.

Delete a list: Permanently removes a list from the interface.  It is possible to delete multiple lists using this action so be sure you are confirming the list or lists you want to delete before clicking OK.

Schedule/Settings: Allows you to set a start and end time for a list.  See Schedule/Settings for more details.

Reports: Allows you to obtain results from previously run lists.  The results include information for each contact showing message delivery. See Reports for more details.

The My Lists interface shows all preconfigured lists and is the primary starting point to control, add, or edit your lists.  To access the details for any particular list, click the name of the list.

My Lists