Target Help

From the Create Subset interface, you can create partial lists from a master list based on filtered criteria.  For example, a school may want to create subset lists based upon grade level.  A healthcare facility may want to filter based upon a building name.  Note: the master list and contacts must contain the criteria before a filter can be configured.

Create Subset

New List Name: Assigns a name to a list.  It is recommended that you use a different name for each of your lists.  You may want to include in the name what the list is being filtered so it is easy to identify later.  When adding a list or changing the list name, the “My Lists” page will be updated automatically.


Keep linked to Master List: By default, this option is selected.  This keeps the subset list linked (synchronized) to the master list from which it was created.  As the master list updates, this option automatically updates the subset with the newest information from the master list.


Choose filters to define subset of list


Filters are the defining criteria used to create the subset list.  When you first start, there are no filters defined, so you need to add at least one filter.  For example, if a school wanted to create a subset based upon all First Graders, you would start by selecting Grade from the top right drop-down menu.




To finish the creation of the subset list, click the OK button at the bottom of the screen.  Upon clicking the OK button, the list will be automatically created and filled in based upon the filtered criteria defined and will appear on the “My Lists” page.

Special Notes:

· Once a subset list is created, the filters can not be adjusted.  If adjustments need to be made to the subset list, then delete the subset list from the “My Lists” page (do not delete the master list) and then re-create the subset list.

· If the “Value to match” is non-numeric, then the value must match exactly otherwise the filter won’t match and the new subset list will most likely have zero contacts.

· Manual changes to the subset list will be over-written as the master list updates.